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Safety In Use LoftZone Rigid Foam Lumber
Safely supports attic boards as per board manufacturer specification - -
Patented Cross Beam technology provides stable, strong deck - -
Tested to British Standard 6399 floor loading, even at 140F (+60℃) and 0F (-20℃)
Designed to support attic boards, even if joists are unevenly spaced
Allows adequate airflow gap under attic boards to reduce condensation risk
Suitable for use with recessed light covers and air conditioning units
Lightweight – will not overload ceiling joists
Compatible with a secure handrail that complies with British Standard 6180
Does not contain chemicals that damage wiring in lofts
Ease Of Installation
Very fast to install, 5 minutes per 10 square feet
Can use attic boards without cutting them, even if the joists are unevenly spaced
Designed to avoid obstructions and bridge over uneven joists
Compatible with up to 14 inches of insulation -
Complies with Part L1A of the UK Building Standards
Made from sustainable materials