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AtticZone StoreFloor

DIY Kits – Attic Flooring Above Insulation



AtticZone StoreFloor is an award-winning attic flooring system designed for installing boards above the full depth of insulation in an attic. Our DIY kits are lightweight, strong and simple to use, with clear, easy-to-follow instructions.

You can find information on each kit size below. Or for more details on the product, the installation guide or our accreditation, see other pages on this site.




AtticZone products are shipped by air-freight from Great Britain. We pay any customs duties, so you don’t have to. 

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us at sales@attic-zone.com, or call us on our US number (617)-765-7444 (9am-12 noon EST, Mon-Fri).

Customers in the United Kingdom or elsewhere in Europe should visit our store at www.loftzone.co.uk

10 reviews for AtticZone StoreFloor

  1. Jenny, Colorado

    “Great product. Easy to install.”

  2. Neale, Maryland

    “Contacted customer service for clarification, and got personal, courteous, patient, and thorough service. Highly recommended company and a versatile product that suited our needs. Great!”

  3. Marcee, Washington

    “These arrived very quickly. Most of the boxes were not very heavy, just bulky, but just small enough to fit through my attic access panel, so I didn’t have to unpack them before transferring them to the attic.”

  4. Jack, Georgia

    “It arrived quickly and was really easy to install. I went to Home Depot and got a large sheet of plywood and had them cut it into strips that we could get through our ceiling attic access door (the ones with a pull-down ladder) and it turned out great! We now have tons of storage space in our attic! I would highly recommend this product.”

  5. Bill, Virginia

    “Fantastic idea, and easy install don’t give it a second thought & get it won’t be disappointed.”

  6. Edward, Massachusetts

    “This is a brilliant product. Smart, simple design. Sturdy construction. Super easy to install. The fellow who created this product should win an award for solving an important problem for which there were no easy solutions prior to this product.

    With the LoftZone kit, I was able to build a raised floor over an area that was twice as big in a quarter of the time at a lower cost than I spent last year on lumber and fasteners. I’m sold! This is absolutely the best, fastest, cheapest, lightest, safest way to build a raised floor in all or part of your attic, either for maintenance access or for storage.”

  7. Justin, Ilinois

    “First, this product is extremely unique. I couldn’t find anything like it out there. It may seem pricey, but this is ABSOLUTELY what you should be using for attic storage if your space is insulated. It is dead simple and you will wonder why you paid all this money for it, but the beauty is in the simplicity.

    I haven’t completely finished my install, but I’ve gotten far enough along to know the pros and cons. On the “pro” side, it is easy to install. It really is one of those “measure twice, cut once” situations though where you spend more time planning out the install than doing it. All of the parts you need are included EXCEPT for the decking itself. They don’t include the decking because it is shipped from the UK and that would be ridiculous. I was able to find the appropriate amount of tongue and groove decking at the local home depot for total cost of less than $50 but could probably be even cheaper if you decided to use larger sheets of plywood or something. It seems extremely sturdy once assembled despite the pieces themselves all being extremely light. Shipping was MUCH quicker than originally estimated.

    As for the cons. This kit is geared toward 24″ joists. I (along with many people) have 16″ joists, so I ended up spacing the triangle struts with two joists between them, and as such decided that I would stagger the I-beams to distribute the load between the two joists. This was not specified in the instructions or if it was, it wasn’t very clear.

    All in all though, this is a great product. The price might be a little steep but it’s likely easier than building it yourself unless you are Norm Abrams and it is truly the right way to do it.”

  8. Jason, Texas

    “This stuff was pretty awesome and easy to install. My attic is all crazy uneven due to different levels of ceiling and the layout of the AC stuff. No way I could most of it or even half, but I did do 3 different areas in my attic just for storage of containers. 1 somewhat big area and 2 smaller ones. Much quicker then trying to build up your own and the support is good. I just had new insulation sprayed in my attic and didnt want to mess it up. this was by far the best solution and you will mess up your insulation a little just doing the install. You can walk on it, im a fat 220 right now. I wouldnt jump or have more then one person though. I actually end up with some extras left over, but that’s because I decided it would be difficult to cover a larger area because oh my uneven ceilings and I was happy with what I was able to do quickly. I would order more then what you think you need though. Unless you have crazy attic like mine.”

  9. Helen, Missouri

    “We love these things! We added them as a center walkway and a storage area before we added insulation. They sit 12″ above the joists which was perfect for amount of insulation we were adding. Then we added 3/4″ plywood in the top and no more swished insulation.

    This item actually shipped from England and got here faster (to Missouri) than our local mail. I emailed the seller and received a reply in less than 24 hours, so I thought that was pretty good. It is pricey, yeah, but my husband says he can’t believe how strong it is when it is all put together.”

  10. Ann, California

    “I first saw this product online over a year ago when it wasn’t available in the US and was thrilled that this year when I finally was able to start my project that it was available in the US. It is a wonderful product. Very easy to install, especially in an attic space. I used this to create a catwalk to make getting around in the attic safer and better. I have a 3,000 sq.ft attic and created a 2 ft wide catwalk that is great – makes getting around easier and safer while not interfering with the insulation. I also created a platform/ barrier at the beginning of the access to the attic that keeps the loose cellulose insulation from spilling out when opening the hatch and makes “crawling in” safer and easier.

    A great product, simple but well-engineered. Should be an industry benchmark!! I am a homeowner and all the ways the insulation professionals suggested building a catwalk would not have met this standard! Loftzone should be an industry benchmark!”

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